Academic Journal of Surgery 2017. 4(3):90-92.

Right-sided Diaphragmatic Eventration: A Case Report
Keivan Sabooni, Reza Karami


Background: Diaphragmatic eventration is a rare congenital developmental defect of the muscular portion of diaphragm resulting diaphragmatic elevation. Eventration can be unilateral or bilateral, partial or complete. It is more common in males, and involves more often the left hemidiaphragm.

Case Report: A 62-year-old man presented with complaints of chronic abdominal pain and dyspnea. In recent months, he suffered from an exertional dyspnea. With the radiological investigations, a diagnosis of eventration of right diaphragm was made and the diaphragmatic plication was done.

Conclusions: Complete eventration of diaphragm invariably occurs on the left side; but partial eventration of diaphragm occurs virtually on the right side, and is diagnosed based on different radiologic findings. In this case, complete eventration of diaphragm was seen on the right side which is a rarity.


Diaphragmatic eventration; Diaphragm; Dyspnea

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