Academic Journal of Surgery 2016. 3(1-2):19-23.

Effect of Magnesium Sulfate on Hemodynamic Changes During Sternotomy and Laryngoscopy in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Seyed Mojtaba Marashi, Omid Azimaraghi, Alireza Saliminia, Reza Atef-Yekta, Ahmad Hejazian-Yazdi, Ali Movafegh


Background: This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of low and high dose magnesium sulfate in reducing pressure responses to laryngoscopy and sternotomy.
Methods: A total of 90 patients were assigned into three groups. The patients in Group L received a 20 mg/kg bolus dose of magnesium sulfate 3 minutes before intubation followed by an infusion of magnesium sulfate (10 mg/kg/h) in contrast to 40 mg/kg of magnesium sulfate followed by an infusion
of 20 mg/kg/h magnesium sulfate administered to Group H. Patients in Group P received saline as placebo. Heart rate and mean arterial pressure (MAP) recorded at the baseline were noted down again before intubation and 30 seconds, 2 and 4 minutes after intubation and 1 minute before, and 30 seconds, 2 and 4 minutes after sternotomy.
Results: MAP in Groups L and H compared to Group P was significantly lower, after intubation (P = 0.0040). The difference between MAP in Groups L and H was only statistically significant 30 seconds after intubation. MAP 30 seconds and 2 minutes after sternotomy was statistically different between Groups L and H compared to Group P. The difference between Groups H and P was only statistically significant before sternotomy and 4 minutes after sternotomy (P = 0.0001).
Conclusions: A low dose magnesium sulfate attenuates the hemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and sternotomy in coronary artery bypass graft surgery.


Magnesium sulfate; Laryngoscopy; Sternotomy; Hemodynamic response; Coronary artery bypass graft

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