Academic Journal of Surgery 2016. 3(1-2):30-32.

Asymptomatic Giant Left Atrium: Do Atrial Size Changes After Successful Valve Replacement? 7-Years Follow-up Case Report
Shirvan Salaminia, Ahmad Ali Amirghofran, Babak Sabet


Background: Giant left atrium (GLA) associated with mitral valve surgery reported to have a mortality ranging from 8% to 32%. Most of the patients are symptomatic with that of shortness of breath, dysphagia, palpitations, chest pain, and thromboembolic events. Asymptomatic giant enlargement of the left atrium is rare. Either we must do or not do a reduction arterioplasty at the time of the mitral valve surgery is a controversy in the literature.

Case Report: The patient had mitral valve replacement with a with a 31 mm carbomedics mechanical valve prosthesis 7 years past during her last visit. No reduction arterioplasty was done with a valve operation. Her 7-years close follow-up was uneventful. In the last visit, echocardiography and spiral chest computerized tomography scanning were requested. In both of the requested images giant left trial enlargement was seen, but the patient was without symptoms regarding her giant left atrium.

Conclusions: In this case report, it seems that if we want left atrial size decline, it is necessary to have reduction arterioplasty during mitral valve surgery. However, it does not mean a definite therapeutic efficacy, especially when considering future symptoms.


Giant left atrium; Atrioplasty; Mitral valve disease

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