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Determining the Clinicopathologic Features of Breast Lesions in Iranian Army Families


Background: Breast cancer is the most common disease of women around the world. On the other hand, benign breast diseases also constitute a wide range of breast pathologies that precise information on them is important. This study is conducted aiming to examine the breast pathology reports and determine the frequency of various breast diseases and its relationship with some clinicopathologic parameters in Imam Reza Hospital of army of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a period of 4 years.
Methods: Imam Reza Hospital is a referral center for Army employees in Iran. This study is a retrospective descriptive study on patients who undertook biopsy or breast surgery during 2012-2015 in Imam Reza Hospital. After reviewing pathology reports and patient records and completing the required information, a total of 188 patients with 230 samples of breast tissue were included in this study.
Results: During the period, 230 samples of breast tissue from 188 patients were sent to the pathology department. 195 samples (84.8%) were related to female patients and 35 samples (15.2%) to males.
112 samples (48.7%) were related to the left breast and 118 samples to the right (51.3%). The average size of tissues was 11.82 ± 8.64 cm. The mean age of patients was 42 ± 14.
Conclusions: In this study, a statistically significant relationship exists between the patient sex and final diagnosis, patient age group and final diagnosis, and cell differentiation grade and lymph node metastasis along with samples. In the pathology reports in the center, cell differentiation grade of tumor was completely matched with Nottingham Grading System.

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