Academic Journal of Surgery 2017. 4(2):61-63.

Placenta Percreta in the Uterus Fundus at the Second Trimester: A Case Report
Zohreh Kazemi, Khadijeh Rezaie-Kahkhayi, Zahra Anfasi


Background: Placenta percreta is a rare complication of pregnancy with catastrophic outcomes for both mother and fetus. Abnormal placental attachment due to inadequate deciduas formation between trophoblast and myometrium is the main histological finding.

Case Report: We present a case of placenta percreta in a 25-year-old woman accompanied by spontaneous uterine rupture at 25th week of gestation. In view of clinical symptoms and laboratory findings, the patient underwent laparotomy with a primary diagnosis of acute abdomen. We found no predisposing factor for abnormal placentation. As our patient wished to remain fertile, a successful uterine repair was performed.

Conclusions: Histological assessment of the uterus showed placenta percreta. It is very rare for placenta percreta to cause uterine rupture in the second trimester, especially in a patient without any risk factors.


Placenta percreta; Pregnancy; Uterine rupture; Acute abdomen

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